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As We Are
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The Challenge:
Create an innovative subscription box delivery service that tackles a meaningful social issue for a particular demographic.

The Solution:
As We Are is a subscription box delivery service that aims to inspire confidence in women when it comes to their periods. Our mission is to break the cycle of shame around menstruation and provoke healthy conversation about female empowerment and healthy choices.
We want to be a gathering place for healthy and socially conscious women who want to change the way the world looks at period products, and view the period itself as a natural and healthy process.

We use organic, non-toxic ingredients in all our products to empower women to make safe choices for their bodies, incorporating a giveback pledge at the core of our business, supporting and empowering women and girls in need. We believe access to period care is a basic human right. We want to make this a bloody matter, we’ll fight for universal access to sanitary products.

So do something bloody amazing and join us!