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ConceptualBrief cosmos event campaign

The Challange: 
The Peter Harrison Planetarium at the Royal Observatory needed to alter perceptions. Perceived as a boring, stuffy old institution focused on scientific content, they wanted to open themselves up to a younger, more creative audience.

The Solution:
Reposition the GO as a bright, exciting place with a unique event that showcases the intersection between magic and science.

Cosmico is a monthly event at the GO where people can learn about the influence of the moon, the power of energies, tarot readings, live debates and performances. With the support of local artists, creatives, astronomers and musicians – it’s an opportunity to not only reimagine the Planetarium’s role in the local community. But to foster a deeper connection and understanding of the relationships between the cosmos, earth and humanity.

“Science and mythology are viewed as completely opposite ends of the spectrum,
yet they are sisters.”